Feeling Powerless Being Powerless

Sea levels rose 2.5 inches in the last 20 years, yet our polar ice is melting ever more quickly. Over 150 species of life become extinct, every day, and tomorrow another 150 will be gone.  These facts make every one of us, myself included, feel powerless, scared, alone and vulnerable, like the albino deer in a dark wood. It’s a terrible feeling, one that can lead us into deep despair, fatalist thinking, even rage.

And everywhere we turn, structured power is In. Our. Face. Corporations, governments, and their dark money cabals; whatever it is that ‘power’ says it is doing about climate change, it isn’t enough. It’s nowhere near enough. Every major study, from universities to non-profits to the UN, identifies actions that can begin to solve for carbon pollution at the global level. Yet virtually all governments balk, heeled to the will of the corporate money that puts them in power. Sadly, these groups control the levers of progress to effect the large-scale change necessary to reverse global carbon pollution. And they simply do not care to hear our voice. Yet.


Global climate activism is the only path remaining to force our governments and their corporate customers to act morally on carbon pollution.


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